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3 min readOct 9, 2023


MEHA Automotive has started working with A1 Motor Stores members of 3 October.

That this great collaboration will bring a new perspective to the entire team and the industry, especially the parties. As Meha Automotive, we will continue our vision of serving the sector from the first day we set out, and we will expand our business network day by day.

Meha Automotive UK has a wide range of spare parts with more than 6.000 referance and 15.000 referance from all over the World. We have been exporting our products to 28 different countries on 4 continents for more than 10 years. Meha Automotive has been growing continuously since its establishment in 2012 and continues its production and investments.

We closely follow the news and developments in the sector with our technological investments such as Canias Software, B2B System, TecDoc and MAM and our O.S.S and IAAF memberships. We are constantly expanding our network in the global customer chain.

Meha Automotive is a company that has proven its commitment to quality and innovation of the certification it has and the groups it belongs to.

We are ready to serve to the A1 network members with our wide range of products in the Suspension category and other product groups.

We offer our customers a next day delivery from our warehouse in Cambridgeshire, and replace our stocks every 15 days from our Head Office in Bursa, Turkey.

We always support our young people who think differently, produce and pursue innovation. We closely follow the globalizing world, the emergence of new markets and the development of technology. We make our investments focused on people and the environment within the scope of social responsibility, innovation and sustainability.

UK Sales Manager David Badcock said: “Our Turkish partners have invested heavily in the UK and now, we are excited to be accepted by A1 Group and look forward to working with members and helping them increase their business.

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